5 Year Strategy – May 2015 to May 2020


Our vision is to be a village that;

• Is a safe, healthy, clean and caring place that people want to live and work in for the long term.

• Is inclusive promoting a strong sense of community spirit every day.

• Is well connected with transport and communication links fit for the future.

• Is diverse, well-educated and has suitable quality housing for people to live in

• Is welcoming to visitors and works well with its neighbouring parishes.

• Protects the importance of its historic, geographical and natural assets.


To sustain and grow a successful, safe and caring community by representing and serving the best interests of those members who live or invest in it.

What we do

Represent and serve the community and allocate the community resources accordingly.

How we do it

By engaging with all stakeholders who have an interest or influence on the community within the established legal framework of local government.

Who we do it for

The people who live in the village and those who have a sustained investment in the success of the community.


• Ensure that the village remains clean, healthy and safe and that all residents are well informed.

• To identify the need and where required support the proposal and creation of a space(s) in the village where residents of all ages can come together to participate in sports, social, wellbeing and other leisure activities as well as access the services of the parish council.

• Establish a neighbourhood plan for the village that protects the unique rural and historic nature of the village whilst recognising the future housing, education and infrastructure needs of the residents in the future.

• Lobby transport, health and education authorities to ensure where possible the needs of our residents are fully met.

• Utilise the means available to the parish council to welcome visitors with good intentions towards the village and to discourage visitors or local residents who commit crime or act antisocially, so the village remains a safe and enjoyable place to live in.

• Ensure all our historic, geographical and natural assets are afforded protection so that they are preserved for the good of the village.