Role and responsibilities

Parish councils are the first tier of local government, non-political, and in close contact with the community they serve. They provide a range of services and have the needs and desires of the community uppermost in their minds.

Kelvedon Parish Council meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7.30 pm at the Council Chamber, which is the ground floor of the Old Fire Station on the left-hand side of the Chase, next to the Indian Restaurant. All meetings are open to the public. Members of the public are permitted to address the meeting, but are required to submit a brief written outline of their questions to the clerk in advance of the meeting.

Kelvedon Parish Council provides and maintains:

  • allotments at Stoney Flint, Church Hill (just over the level crossing). A very popular pastime, giving healthy exercise, country air and year-round fresh fruit and vegetables. There is water and car parking on site. A new area has recently been opened up and there is currently no waiting list. A plot currently costs £25 per year.
  • play equipment at Kelvedon Playing Field, including a fully-fenced toddlers’ play area, floodlit multi games area and an extensive range of challenging equipment for older children and teenagers. Recently installed at the Thorne Road/Glebe Road play area is a ball wall for older children and a variety of play equipment for young children.
  • the Playing Field – 3.5 acres providing a football pitch, floodlit hard play area and training area.
  • Brockwell Meadows Local Nature Reserve – 11.5 acres of water meadow managed to maintain a diversity of habitat, open to all throughout the year, with fishing available in season to residents. The council is supported by the Brockwell Group, volunteers who arrange events on the Meadows.
  • summer flower troughs, seats, bus shelters, waste bins and dog bins – throughout the village.
  • car parks – a small permit-only car park at Bellingham Place and the large Pay and Display car park in the High Street (permits also available for this car park).

Other parish council activities include:

  • Youth Forum – a group of young residents meets regularly to discuss matters of concern to young people in the village. The Forum has run very successful discos throughout the year.
  • Emergency Planning – the parish council liaises with Braintree District Council and other organisations on the subject of emergency planning, especially flooding, which is a major concern in Kelvedon. A local (Kelvedon) Emergency Plan has recently been agreed by the council.
  • Footpaths – an active group monitors local footpaths and reports problems to Essex County Council. A leaflet describing a walk between Kelvedon and Coggeshall has been produced, and several circular walks are also available.

Kelvedon Parish Council also works in partnership with volunteers and other bodies to:

  • carry out litter clearance and road sweeping – Mr Lewis Hunt, our Parish Amenity and Maintenance Warden, helps to keep the village as clean and tidy as possible.
  • provide Christmas Lights – a hard working team of volunteers installs and takes down the lights each year. The council is responsible for some power costs and all replacement bulbs. Extra volunteers are always welcome.

Kelvedon Parish Council gives grants to support:

  • church yards – mowing and other costs at the parish church and Kelvedon URC.
  • the Local History Museum – the council is happy to help this unique local effort.
  • Kelvedon in Bloom – the Committee, funded by volunteer effort and a grant from the council, is responsible for vibrant flower displays throughout the village.
  • Kelvedon Free Music Festival – a very popular event held annually on the playing field and which draws music lovers from all over Essex.
  • Activity Days for young people – at the Institute; organised by Braintree District Council in the summer holidays.
  • various sports clubs – including the junior and senior football clubs, and the cricket club.
  • the Village Hall – every year, money is available for use by the village hall; grants have also been given to the Institute for specific works and to the Kelvedon Community Association.
  • Kelvedon and Feering Scouts – works to the Scout Hut.
  • Braintree Citizens’ Advice Bureau.
  • Feering and Kelvedon Good Companions Clubs.
  • Packhorse Bridge Society.
  • Two Villages Voluntary Association – Christmas vouchers for older residents; and the Two Villages Guide.

In addition, the council makes representations on highways and traffic matters, flooding, mineral extraction, planning applications, and all types of government (and other bodies) consultations.

More information about the role of a parish council

The National Association of Local Councils has published a useful booklet, ‘All about town and parish councils’ that provides details about what parish and town councils do, the role of parish and town councillors, answers frequently asked questions about candidacy, and provides information on qualifying to run as a councillor. It also provides case studies to illustrate how a local council can make a difference.

Local Council Powers and Duties

Local Council Powers and Duties

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