The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council sit ex-officio on all Committees.

Membership of Council Committees

  • Finance  Cllrs. Anderson, Buttery, Hooper, Humpington, Lancashire, Pilbeam, Tremain
  • Planning Cllrs. Anderson, Astley, Buttery, L Humpington, Jayatillake, Lancashire, Minns, Pilbeam, Tremain
  • General Purpose Committee Cllrs Anderson, Astley, Buttery, L Humpington, Jayatillake, Lancashire, Minns
  • Neighbourhood Plan Cllrs Anderson, Astley, Buttery, Humpington, Jayatillake, Lancashire, Minns, Pilbeam, Tremain & 2 non-Councillor members
  • Asset Management Committee Cllrs Hooper, Humpington, Jayatillake, Lancashire, Minns, Pilbeam, Astley

Membership of Sub-Committees

  • Allotment Warden Cllr Pilbeam
  • Footpath Lead Councillor Cllr Minns
  • Tree Warden Cllr Pilbeam
  • PAMW (Parish Amenity and Maintenance Warden) Sub-Committee Chairman of the  Finance committee
  • Personnel Sub-Committee Members of the Finance Committee
  • Web site Cllr Hooper

Membership of Outside Bodies

  • Bradwell Pit Liaison Group Cllr Lancashire
  • Essex Association of Local Councils Cllrs as available & Clerk
  • Braintree Association of Local Councils Cllr Buttery
  • Waste Management Group Cllrs Hooper, Lancashire, Martin
  • Marlers Almshouses TBC
  • Blackwater Housing TBC
  • Public Transport Representative Cllr Minns
  • Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE) Cllr Lancashire
  • Two Village Voluntary Association (TVVA) TBC more about the TVVA
  • A12VTAG Mr T Dixon
  • Youth Forum Cllrs Tremain & Buttery and Mr T Dixon
  • River Warden Cllr Pilbeam