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KNP 19.9.17What is a neighbourhood plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan allows communities to determine and influence the type and nature of development they want to see in their area. Gaining support and active acceptance by the community through voting for the plan is crucial to success.

There is a protocol to ensure the quality and support for neighbourhood plans is consistent. Each plan must undergo scrutiny by an independent planning consultant to verify that the evidence supports the proposals. So for a plan to achieve success, the process must be transparent and actively backed by the community. So far over 100 neighbourhood plans have been successfully adopted across the country, with hundreds more at various stages of preparation. These plans give communities the voice to decide what they want in their area from affordable housing to improved infrastructure.

Kelvedon Parish Council applied to submit a neighbourhood plan on behalf of the village so that we could have that voice. Following a meeting in March 2015 and a period of managing logistics and obtaining funding, an independent group has formed and are ready to go. They have set up a steering group and six working groups that are beginning the process of gathering evidence and views.

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Steering Group Meetings 2017/2018
Date Agenda Minutes
9 February 2017 KNP agenda 9.2.17
9 March 2017 KNP 9.3.17
19 April 2017 KNP agenda 19th April 2017
15 May 2017 KNP 15.5.17
13 July 2017 KNP Agenda 13.7.17
19 September 2017 KNP Agenda 19.9.17 KNP 19.9.17
18 October 2017  KNP Agenda 18.10.17 KNP 18.10.17
13 November 2017 KNP Agenda 13.11.17 KNP13.11.17
15 January 2018 KNP Agenda 15.01.18
12 March 2018  KNP Agenda 12.03.18
10 April 2018 KNP Agenda 10.04.18



Notes from meeting 7 October 2015

NP Networking Event August 2015


BDC Housing StatNav – Feb 2013 – Background Data Sets for Kelvedon

Braintree District Health Profile 2015 – Public Health England

Rural Place Profile for Kelvedon

District Profile Braintree A4 April 2012

Copy of Neighbourhood Plan 220415 1st report of group 6 – Environment



NP task Group Meeting 270415

Minutes Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan Housing Task Group 22

Local Plan Update No.1 June 2015

070115 Anglia Route Study – Rail User Group, Community Rail Partnership Presentation

2014 11 05 NR Anglia Route Study (6)

ERUF response to Network Rail Consultation Jan 2015 (5)

Kelvedon Rail Users Association Submission to the Network Rail Anglia Route Consultation

Kelvedon – Neighbourhood Plan Letter Area Application Letter 230415

NHP minutes 22 April 2015

Agenda for 22 April 2015

Just to confirm that our application to designate the Neighbourhood Plan area was approved by the Cabinet of BDC, as expected, at their meeting on 30/3/15. Formal confirmation to follow.

Follow up from 7 March meeting

RCCE initial report

March meeting response

A neighbourhood development plan establishes general planning policies for the development and use of land in a neighbourhood, like:

  • where new homes and offices should be built
  • what they should look like
  • The plan can be detailed or general, depending what local people want

Our plan will allow residents to get the right type of development for Kelvedon, but the plans must still meet the needs of the wider area. In most cases we expect this will mean that neighbourhood plan will have to take into account Braintree Council’s assessment of housing and other development needs in the area. A key benefit to a neighbourhood plan is that is has legal substance meaning Braintree must honor the plans proposals. Notice for public meeting 7 March 2015

What is the required process?

The town or parish council, or neighbourhood forum, formally submits a neighbourhood area application to the local planning authority, including the proposed boundary of the neighbourhood area. The local planning authority publicises the application for six weeks and invites comments. The local authority has the power to amend the boundary of the proposed area if it’s thought necessary. If approved, the town or parish council or forum then starts preparing the plan. They must engage the community, notify statutory consultees and build an evidence base to justify the eventual policies and proposals. This stage must include a six week consultation period to publicise the proposals and consider responses. The draft plan must then be submitted to the local planning authority, who will formally publicise the proposals for six weeks. An independent examiner will then be appointed to consider any representations and check it conforms to national and local policy. Changes may be recommended. Once satisfied with the plan the local council will organise a referendum. A majority of people voting must support the plan if it is to be adopted by the local planning authority. The local planning authority will then bring the plan into force and publicise its decision. The plan will then become part of the formal development plan for the area.

What relationship has Kelvedon’s Neighbourhood Plan to Braintree District Council’s Local Plan?

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