Planning Committee Meeting – 20 February 2017


Pre-Application Briefing to the Parish Council re Proposed Development: Land off Coggeshall Road, Kelvedon

The agent for the above development will be briefing the Parish Council regarding a proposed planning application to Braintree District Council (BDC), at the next Planning Committee meeting, on Monday 20 February 2017. This briefing is in line with the Lo-calism Act 2011, which includes a duty on developers to consult with local communities before submitting their application, and as such, it is proper for Parish Councillors to play an active part in these discussions.

The purpose of this meeting is to learn more about the development proposal and is given without prejudice to the Parish Council’s response to the formal consultation. There will not be any decisions made regarding this, as it is an information gathering exercise for both Parish Councillors and residents, prior to the submission of the plan-ning application to BDC, not a determination of the Parish Council’s response.

Members of the public are entitled to speak for no longer than 3 minutes during a Plan-ning Committee meeting, at the appropriate item on the agenda, to seek clarification on the information put to them during the presentation and Parish Councillor questions. However, this meeting is not intended to be a public debate on the merits or otherwise of the proposal.

Once a planning application has been submitted to BDC, a public consultation will be held, in order to seek the views of the public before the Parish Council submits its own response. This will be advertised at the appropriate time. At that stage, any member of the public will also be able to submit their views and comments to BDC directly. Please be reminded that the Parish Council is a statutory consultee on planning applications and the final decision in all planning matters rests with BDC.

We trust that this clarifies the purpose and format of the Planning Committee meeting.

Philippa Potter Clerk to Kelvedon Parish Council


Sue Green

Clerk's Assistant