Kelvedon News Magazine

Kelvedon Parish Council publish a free quarterly parish magazine that is delivered to each house in the parish. An electronic copy can also be viewed on this website by selecting the appropriate link below. Please note, you will need PDF viewing software to read the electronic copy.


Issue 1 View issue 1 (7MB)
Issue 2 View issue 2 (15MB)
Issue 3 Issue 3
Issue 4 Issue 4
Issue 5 Issue 5
Issue 6 Issue 6
Issue 7 Issue 7
Issue 8 Issue 8
Issue 9 Issue 9
Issue 10 Issue 10
Issue 11 Issue 11
Issue 12 March 2017

Please be aware these are very large files and my take some time to view on slow internet connections or mobile data (3G/4G).