Parish Council Committees

The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Council sit ex-officio on all Committees.

Membership of Parish Council Committees

  • Finance:
    Cllrs Anderson, Astley, Goode, Hooper, Leach, Martin, Pilbeam, Tremain
  • Planning:
    Cllrs Anderson, Astley, Goode, Jayatillake, Martin, Minns, Ormond, Pilbeam, Tremain
  • Neighbourhood Plan:            Cllrs Anderson, Astley, Goode, Jayatillake, Ormond, Pilbeam, Tremain
    and 2 non-Councillor members
  • Allotment:
    Cllrs Astley, Jayatillake, Ormond, Pilbeam, Tremain