Neighbourhood Plan


Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan – Regulation 14

Public Consultation: 16 July to 14 September 2018

Over the last few months we’ve been busy putting together the first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan for Kelvedon. This is based on the views and opinions we’ve collected from you, the residents of Kelvedon, over the last couple of years via our community survey and at consultation events. The Neighbourhood Plan is an essential document which will shape the future of development here in our village.

If you live in the Parish, you would have received a paper copy of the extracted policies within a questionnaire through your door in early July.  We need your feedback on these policies as to whether you agree, disagree or have any comments to make about them.  The full Regulation 14 Draft Neighbourhood Plan document is split into two volumes which are available to view or download using the link below.  Volume One contains the policies and their explanatory texts.  Volume Two contains the appendices and further details.   They are also available as paper copies at the Kelvedon Library and Kelvedon Parish Council offices during normal opening hours during the consultation period.  We would urge you to read through the full documents whilst answering the questionnaire as you may find the additional information helpful when completing it.

Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meetings

Steering Group Meetings 2017/2018
Date Agenda Minutes
9 February 2017 KNP agenda 9.2.17
9 March 2017 KNP 9.3.17
19 April 2017 KNP agenda 19th April 2017
15 May 2017 KNP 15.5.17
13 July 2017 KNP Agenda 13.7.17
19 September 2017 KNP Agenda 19.9.17 KNP 19.9.17
18 October 2017  KNP Agenda 18.10.17 KNP 18.10.17
13 November 2017 KNP Agenda 13.11.17 KNP13.11.17
15 January 2018 KNP Agenda 15.01.18
12 March 2018  KNP Agenda 12.03.18 KNP 12.03.18
10 April 2018 KNP Agenda 10.04.18 KNP 10.4.18
15 May 2018 KNP Agenda 15.05.18








KNP Agenda 13.08.18

KNP Agenda 17.09.18

KNP Agenda 09.10.18

KNP Agenda 06.11.18

KNP 18.06.18

KNP 16.7.18

KNP 13.08.18

KNP 17.9.18

KNP 9.10.18