Neighbourhood Plan


Neighbourhood Plan Referendum – 3rd March 2022

Following an independent examination, Braintree District Council has confirmed the Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan meets the basic conditions and other legislative requirements and will proceed to a Neighbourhood Planning Referendum on 3rd March 2022.

This is the final part of the Neighbourhood Plan process which has involved multiple consultations with residents and hundreds of hours of work by our amazing team of volunteers. Once adopted, the Neighbourhood Plan will ensure that any future development here in Kelvedon meets the needs of the residents of our village.

On the 3rd March, residents of Kelvedon will be asked to answer the following question:”Do you want Braintree District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Kelvedon to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

Submission of Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 15)

The Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Braintree District Council (BDC) in February 2021 to progress to the next stage of the process. Once BDC are satisfied that the Plan conforms to all necessary criteria, they will go out to a final public consultation for 6 weeks. As soon as we know when this will be happening, we will publicise it. All of the documents submitted to BDC can be found below:

Update on Plan Progress – June 2020

We are aware that the Neighbourhood Plan has been silent for a very long time.  A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes over the last year or so, with putting the final draft document together, going through all previous consultation responses, tying it all up with both national and local planning policy, proof reading and final touches to various sections.  Over the last year or so, we have unfortunately lost a few key members of the team, due to their own personal circumstances, and others have been working around personal and work commitments, which has meant that the process has taken a lot more time than originally planned.

Below is a summary of what has been happening, and an outline of where we are progressing from here:

  • The Regulation 14 survey was undertaken in the summer of 2018 and the inputting of the returned survey documents was completed in the October of that year.
  • The findings were then distributed to the various sub-groups handling the five policy areas to read through and digest to decide if any comments required amendments to the policy wording. 
  • We had over 15,000 comments on policies – some of which raised multiple points.
  • We received a number of similar comments on certain subjects, but any one comment could possibly bring up a relevant point that might lead to a change in the wording – so they all had to be carefully considered.   
  • We had valuable input from our planning consultant in January 2019 as to the required amendments.
  • In the meantime, the Regulation 14 report was being written and amendments to the main documents were being undertaken.  By May 2019, we were preparing for the next stage, which is the Regulation 15 submission to BDC, who will then handle the next public consultation.
  • We also had new policies suggested by neighbouring parishes. So that we are compliant with and supportive of cross boundary initiatives, these needed to be taken into account and research was undertaken for Kelvedon.  These new environmental policies partly responded to the proposed flood defence scheme for the River Blackwater, which came out in 2019 as well as responding more to climate change issues. 
  • In this same time period the National Planning Policies have changed twice- each time we have to check our references and make sure they still comply and that the paragraph reference numbers under the National Planning Policy Framework policies were correct in the text.  
  • The Public Examination of Section 1 of the BDC Local Plan, which included the proposals for three new Garden Communities was still ongoing through this period.  Neighbourhood Plans have to be in ‘general conformity’ to the Local Plans and even though Part 1 wouldn’t have directly affected Kelvedon, the outcome of the Examination and the knock-on effect on Part 2 of the Local Plan was material.  The recent release of the Inspector’s letter recommending the removal of the West of Braintree and ‘West Tey’ garden communities – two of the three proposed garden communities – is something that we will need to keep a close eye on as the process progresses.
  • As such, the process to finalise everything was put on hold until the January of 2020, when the task of updating the text to all the changes that had been made in the village over the previous months was undertaken – such as the changes to the Doctor’s surgeries and the pre-school. 
  • The final edit was about to take place when lockdown was implemented.  This has again delayed the finalising of the documents and submission to BDC until legal changes were received and understood.
  • Currently, the Neighbourhood Plan documents are with our planning consultants, who are working through the technical documents which will accompany the Plan.  Once these have been received, we will be able to submit the Plan to BDC, under the Regulation 15 process and then wait for their feedback.
  • The final stages will encompass a final public consultation, which will be publicised to the village, for final comments to be made.  Once this process is completed and any final changes made to the Plan, we will then be able to arrange for submission to the Planning Inspectorate for a Public Examination of the Plan.
  • Once the Plan is found sound by the Inspector, we will be able to arrange the final act of a village referendum, to finally adopt the Plan as a working planning document.

We will keep the village updated as to progress as we head through this final process.


Regulation 14

Public Consultation: 16 July to 14 September 2018

Over the last few months we’ve been busy putting together the first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan for Kelvedon. This is based on the views and opinions we’ve collected from you, the residents of Kelvedon, over the last couple of years via our community survey and at consultation events. The Neighbourhood Plan is an essential document which will shape the future of development here in our village.

If you live in the Parish, you would have received a paper copy of the extracted policies within a questionnaire through your door in early July.  We need your feedback on these policies as to whether you agree, disagree or have any comments to make about them.  The full Regulation 14 Draft Neighbourhood Plan document is split into two volumes which are available to view or download using the link below.  Volume One contains the policies and their explanatory texts.  Volume Two contains the appendices and further details.   They are also available as paper copies at the Kelvedon Library and Kelvedon Parish Council offices during normal opening hours during the consultation period.  We would urge you to read through the full documents whilst answering the questionnaire as you may find the additional information helpful when completing it.

Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meetings

Steering Group Meetings 2017/2018
Date Agenda Minutes
9 February 2017 KNP agenda 9.2.17  
9 March 2017   KNP 9.3.17
19 April 2017 KNP agenda 19th April 2017  
15 May 2017   KNP 15.5.17
13 July 2017 KNP Agenda 13.7.17  
19 September 2017 KNP Agenda 19.9.17 KNP 19.9.17
18 October 2017  KNP Agenda 18.10.17 KNP 18.10.17
13 November 2017 KNP Agenda 13.11.17 KNP13.11.17
15 January 2018 KNP Agenda 15.01.18  
12 March 2018  KNP Agenda 12.03.18 KNP 12.03.18
10 April 2018 KNP Agenda 10.04.18 KNP 10.4.18
15 May 2018 KNP Agenda 15.05.18  






KNP Agenda 13.08.18

KNP Agenda 17.09.18

KNP Agenda 09.10.18

KNP Agenda 06.11.18

KNP 18.06.18

KNP 16.7.18

KNP 13.08.18

KNP 17.9.18

KNP 9.10.18