Garden Communities – Statement by Kelvedon Parish Council

NEGC Ltd (the company tasked with delivering the proposed garden communities) have arranged a workshop for stakeholders, such as Parish Councils, to discuss what they’d like to see from garden communities. This meeting is due to take place on Thursday 24th October.

As Chairman of Kelvedon Parish Council, I was invited to attend.  However, with the agreement of a majority of the other councillors, I have declined the invitation and I have stated my reasons for doing so in that correspondence and they are outlined below.

The workshop has been arranged with very little notice, at a time that is completely impractical for most people. The letter of invitation states that there won’t be layout drawings, structured discussion and there is no mention of any experts being present to give advice and assistance. They also plan to have a drop-in exhibition two days later, but no further information has been given.

NEGC Ltd state that they want to know what we envisage for our ‘children and children’s children’. Given Kelvedon Parish Council’s function is to represent our residents as best we can, I feel that our

simple answer to this would be that we wish our children and grandchildren to experience open countryside and village life, rather than living surrounded by new towns with marginally better

infrastructure, as well as having to deal with the continued speculative development that results from the absence of a Local Plan.

I have also reiterated Kelvedon Parish Council’s response to the recent consultation regarding Section 1 of Braintree District Council’s Local Plan – that the idea of garden communities is

developed in the background, whilst Section 2 is approved and adopted. This would ensure that, if garden communities are eventually found to be a suitable proposal, they can be planned properly rather than rushed through and the residents of Kelvedon and the surrounding area will not be left open to further speculative development in the meantime.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding Kelvedon Parish Council’s position on the Local Plan and garden communities, please do contact us – our email address is: . A copy of our response to the recent Local Plan consultation, regarding Section 1, as mentioned above, can be found here.

Cllr India Jayatillake
Chairman of Kelvedon Parish Council