Hinds Bridge Closure – Update

The following has been received from Essex Highways:

Hinds Bridge – Progress update:

  • While some initial delays have been experienced to the work programme due to the weight restriction being breached, the site team is now making good progress.  Slots have been cut into one of the first brick arches underneath the bridge ready for strengthening reinforcement bars to be inserted.  The bridge is temporarily weakened during this process which is why it has become necessary to close the bridge to prohibit vehicle movements over 3 tonne from using this already weak structure.
  • We understand the inconvenience caused by temporarily closing this busy route, however would like to reassure you that it is necessary to allow the works on site to progress.   Safety of the workforce and the public is paramount.
  • We are exploring whether there are opportunities later in the work programme (possibly from mid September onwards) to allow the reopening the bridge under traffic management control.  While we cannot make a commitment at this stage, we are hopeful that it may be possible if the work being planned can safely accommodate vehicle movements over the structure with a temporary reduced speed limit over the structure.
  • As the temporary road closure will extend into the period when schools return from the summer break we are working closely with our passenger transport team to ensure operators are informed so that suitable arrangements are in place for the new term.   The works are due for completion mid October 2018.