Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Following on from the Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan referendum in early

March 2022, where an overwhelming number of votes were cast in favour

of the NP, Parker Strategic Land decided to seek a judicial review and

therefore we had to wait for the decision of the court to be able to

proceed with formal adoption.

We’re delighted to announce that Parker Strategic Land are no longer

seeking a judicial review and therefore we expect the Kelvedon

Neighbourhood Plan to be formally adopted by Braintree District

Council on the 25th July. Once this has happened, the Neighbourhood

Plan will be applied to any forthcoming planning applications,

alongside the Braintree District Local Plan (also due to be adopted on

the 25th July), and will provide a much stronger framework to guide

future development in the village of Kelvedon.

Kelvedon Parish Council would like to extend their thanks to the

Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan team for their extraordinary efforts on

behalf of the village and many thanks also to the residents, who have

taken the time to participate in consultations over several years and

turned up to vote in the referendum!

Sue Green

Clerk's Assistant