Land around Felix Hall and Park Farm

Contrary to information which has been circulating, the paths around Park Farm and Felix Hall which it has been said have been ‘closed’ to the public, are not Public Rights of Way.  This is private land and is not open for anyone to walk on.  The landowner has tried to be tolerant, but as misinformation is being put out on Facebook, and by word of mouth, they have rightly asked the Parish Council to make the situation clear.  Unfortunately there have been people walking on their land – not on the public footpaths – who have been extremely rude and disrespectful to their family.

Please note that the only public rights of way around this area are those marked on the Essex County Council Public Rights of Way map – the link to this is:  on which you can search for Kelvedon and see where the public paths are clearly marked.  Please keep to these public paths only, and be respectful of the land and countryside.  Crops are the landowner’s livelihood, so when these are damaged by people or dogs, this is lost income.  We also need to remind that farm buildings and equipment are not public areas and can be dangerous places to be wandering around.  Please could parents ensure that their children also know they are private property and not areas to be using or running around in, to ensure that accident or injury is prevented. 

Link to the Countryside Code:

We hope that this has clarified the issue.